Aug 28, 2021

♫ Hauser and Sulic – Benedictus by Karl Jenkins
Here Come the Terrorists – Again, by Philip Giraldi
Who profits from the Kabul suicide bombing? by Pepe Escobar
Propaganda Is The Source Of All Our Problems, by Caitlin Johnstone
SC Edtorial: One Year On… Navalny Poison Pulp Fiction – Surprisingly – Provides a Real Conclusion
Bloodhounds, by George Monbiot
Biden’s Bad Week Just Got Worse: Supreme Court Blocks CDC’s Eviction Ban, by Tyler Durden
Millions of US Workers Can’t Afford Food & Rent as Court Strikes Down Eviction Moratorium, by J Kucik/D Leonard

‘Inexcusably Cruel’: 7.5 Million Americans to Lose Jobless Benefits on Labor Day, by Jake Johnson
Ruling Class Increasingly Calls Upon The Private Sector To Make Lives Of The “Unvaccinated” Difficult, by Mac Slavo
Top 3 ways Taliban’s takeover will revive Islamist movements, by Farah Adeed

The Report on U.S. Officials Giving Taliban a List of American and Allied Afghans Makes Sense, by Sundance
Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta, by Tyler Durden
NATO’s Obsolescence: Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil and now Afghanistan, by Joaquin Flores
This Is Harvard University Today, by Paul Craig Roberts
What We’re Up Against: White Liberals Rejoice at Whites Becoming a Minority, by Kevin MacDonald

‘If Israel harms Iran fuel ship to Lebanon, Quds liberation war to begin’: Qandil
Aug 12 Zambian Election Could Be Turning Point in Supercharging World’s Transition To Clean Energy, But.. by J Kuzmarov
Extinction Rebellion Activists Protest in London (Video)
Covid-19: Saudi Arabia banned Yemeni residents from accessing vaccines, says report
Do Jews Contain Microchips? by Fred ReedActivists protest Naftali Bennett’s White House visit, by Michael Arria
Mondoweiss: Pro-Palestine political advocacy groups are building political power in Washington D.C.
Taliban Takeover Alarms the Gulf, by As`ad AbuKhalilPalestinians continue protests over Nizar Banat’s killing, amid growing criticism of PA repression, by Yumna Patel
Heavenly, Hellish Cape Town, by Linh Dinh
Taliban and Northern Alliance in Panjshir strike a peace deal
After privatizing war, Ex-Blackwater boss Erik Prince privatizes death, by Damian Wilson

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