Aug 23, 2021

♫ Seo Linn – Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile
Bush-Era War Criminals Are Louder Than Ever, by Caitlin Johnstone
Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All? by Paul Craig Roberts
Another Imperial ‘East of Aden’ Moment, by Stephen Karganovic
What Is America Going To Look Like If This Continues? by Michael Snyder   
Wither Germany? by Francis Lee
Where Are the Strong Western Leaders of Yesteryear (Now That We Really Need Them)? by Robert Bridge
Assange Described A Decade Ago How ‘Endless’ Afghan War Was Engineered By “Transnational Security Elite”
Biden’s Afghanistan Policy Counts on War-Weariness of Americans, by Dave DeCamp

Biden Is Right to End the War in Afghanistan, by Peter Certo
Will Americans Who Were Right on Afghanistan Still Be Ignored? by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies
Our 20 Year Reign of Terror, by Daniel Larison
Ukraine shuts down leading independent news site Strana as part of new crackdown
“Beita is undefeatable”: Inside the struggle to save this Palestinian village from Israeli settlers (Video)
Freedom Rider: Standing with the Cuban people, by Margaret Kimberley
‘Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story’ (Video)
Music and the Mystery of Aliveness, by Maria Popova
Nasrallah: Afghanistan is worst debacle in US history, Biden hopes for civil war
Nasrallah: ‘1st Iran fuel-laden ship to set sail for Lebanon in hours, won’t be the last’

‘With Iran fuel, Lebanon breaks US siege & turns East’: Economist
Thinking globally and acting locally again and again, by Mazin Qumsiyeh
OHCHR: Venezuela: Save lives of cancer patients endangered by U.S. sanctions
QTR: After 4 Years Of Trying To Throw Out Trump, It May Actually Be Biden Who Doesn’t Finish His First Term
American Endgame Part I: What Does “America” Mean in 2021? by Andrew Anglin
Humor Dept: Zuckerbook’s Dog
LA Times Dubs CA Recall Frontrunner Larry Elder “The Black Face Of White Supremacy,” by Tyler Durden

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