Aug 18, 2021

♫ Ahmad Jamal – Poinciana
Israel’s Lawyer Speaks Up, by Philip Giraldi
Now Would Be A Great Time For George W Bush To Shut The Fuck Up, by Caitlin Johnstone
The U.S. and the UK Support Human Rights for Some but Not for Others, by Brian Cloughley
White Privilege and White Racism Are Hoaxes, by Paul Craig Roberts
Unmitigated Disasters: Biden’s First Months Have Been Some of America’s Worst, by Raheem J. Kassam
The Saker: A Major Report by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation on Human Rights
Can the South Rise Again? by Boyd Cathey
Afghanistan: Whatever the Future Brings, One Thing Is for Sure, the UK and the U.S. Should Stay Out, by Cynthia Chung
Biden Forfeits His Afghan Victory by Defending His Deep State Advisors, by Michael Hudson
National Independence Is a Narcissistic Delusion That Needs an Illiberal Answer, by Tim Kirby
How to Rule Forever, by George Monbiot
Shocking New Images/Audio Highlight Afghanis’ Desperation Amid Kabul Exodus, by Steve Watson
Mainstream Media Rediscovers Decade Old Ron Paul Afghanistan Speech: “He Was Right,” by Tyler Durden
The Climate Stat We Can’t Afford to Overlook: CEO Pay, by Sam Pizzigati
U.S. Puppets: When They Finally Get Kicked Out, They Steal as Much of the Country’s Treasure as They Can, by J Kuzmarov
Return to Lifta, by Zochrot (Video)
Investors in US Weapon-Makers Only Clear Winners of Afghan War, by Jessica Corbett
Actor Michael Malarkey on Israel-Palestine and Why More Celebrities Don’t Speak Out (Lowkey, Video)
Should Unvaccinated People Be Put on No-Fly List? by Dr. Joseph Mercola   
The true cost of vaccines – the Solari Report (Video)
US Embraces a Diversity China Fears, by Pat Buchanan
Goldman Sachs, Banks Secret Services and Mafia, by Kit Klarenberg
Zionism has taken control of the British Labour Party. And it is destroying it!
Defining change: Who are the Taliban that conquered Afghanistan? by James M. Dorsey
Great Replacement Celebrated on Jimmy Fallon’s Show, as 400 U.S. Counties Now Majority Non-White, by Paul Kersey

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