Aug 16, 2021

♫ Les McCann & Eddie Harris Compared To What
Hold the Generals Accountable This Time, by Ray McGovern
“The Great Reset” Is Here: Follow the Money, by F. William Engdahl
Where Best to Ride Out the Climate Apocalypse? by Jonathan Cook
Afghan President Ghani Flees Country As Taliban Enter Kabul Seeking “Peaceful Transfer Of Power”
Taliban entered Kabul, by Zamir Awan
The Great Washington Ponzi Scheme in Afghanistan Comes Crashing Down, by Juan Cole
Afghan Lesson For Uncle Sam’s Running Dogs, by Finian Cunningham
Afghanistan: 20 Years, $2 Trillion, 20 Days, by Anatoly Karlin

What starts in Afghanistan doesn´t stay there: China, India, and Iran grapple with the fallout, by James Dorsey
Creative Associates International (CAI): It’s Not Exactly the CIA, But Close Enough, by Alan Macleod Global Billionaire Pandemic Wealth Surges to $5.5 Trillion, by Chuck Collins
Targeting the Medical Evidence: the US Challenge on Assange’s Health, by Binoy Kampmark
Jimmy Dore Brings Anti-War Message To Fox News! (Video)
China Hails Russia as “Better Than An Ally”, Putin Says Russia Must Join Forces with China (Videos)
Science, Salvation and Heretics: From Monsanto to Pfizer, Same Old Playbook, by Colin Todhunter
“Our Species is Being Genetically Modified”: Humanity’s March Toward Extinction? (1), by David Skripac

The “Killer Vaccine” Worldwide. 7.9 Billion People, by Michel Chossudovsky
Palestinians Fight for Right to Water, Survival in Jordan Valley, by Shatha Hammad
Consultancy Capitalism Is Allowing Private Firms to Control Public Funds, by Ekaitz Cancela,Stuart Medina

Israeli forces attack Palestinian worshippers in Hebron, by Aaya Al-Shamahi (Video)
5 Ways Paid Hacks of the Cuban-American Exile Lobby Try to Mislead Us About Cuba, by Peter Bolton
The political battle over the EU’s new climate plan is just beginning, by Patrick Bayer, Federica Genovese
A race against time: The implications of the ECB climate action plan, by Uuriintuya Batsaikhan
Poll Finds That 32% of Right-Leaning Adults Agree: “Liberalism Has Equipped Jews To Destroy Institutions,” by Eric Striker
Medical Doctor Warns that “Bacterial Pneumonias Are on the Rise” from Mask Wearing, by John C. A. Manley
Photo essay: The shores of Gaza, by Mahmoud Nasser
Fury over Public Health England’s claim that vaccines have prevented 23.4M Covid cases, by Joe Davies

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