Sep 1, 2021

More than 50 educational facilities in Gaza were damaged in the May bombardment (MEE/Mohammed al-Hajjar)

♫ Od Ebra do Dunava | Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra

Always Another War: America and Israel together against Iran, by Philip Giraldi

Forget the Starving Children in Afghanistan and Intensify Anti-China Provocation, by Brian Cloughley

Blame-Shifting: The Political Elites Response to the Messy Afghan Withdrawal, by Ted Galen Carpenter

60% of Those Older Than 50 Who Die From Covid Are Double Vaxxed, by Joseph Mercola

Joe Biden: Career Defender of Israel’s Crimes and Impunity (Video)

Joe Biden Acknowledges ‘Immense’ Jewish Role in American Mass Media and Cultural Life, by Mark Weber

Ben Rhodes’ Book Proves Obama Officials’ Lies, and His Own, About Edward Snowden and Russia, by Glenn Greenwald

Back to the Future: Talibanistan, Year 2000, by Pepe Escobar

NPR Trashes Free Speech. A Brief Response, by Matt Taibbi

Woke generals… Afghanistan: A Tragically Stupid War Comes to a Tragic End, by Ron Paul

90 Retired Generals Pen Scathing Letter Calling For Austin And Milley To Resign Immediately, by Tyler Durden
I&I: Global Warming Narrative Takes Another Hit

Your Tax Dollars Used To Support Criminals, Warlords, and Child Molesters, by Joshua Mawhorter

Scientists Warn About New Hyper-Infectious South African Variant, by Tyler Durden

Israeli Forces Injure 18 Palestinians in Crackdown on Gaza Protests

Gaza: Disabled or dead, many young victims of Israeli strikes won’t return to school, by Maha Hussaini

Zochrot: Tour group assaulted by Israeli onlookers while visiting depopulated Palestinian village of Lifta

Israeli Soldiers Brutally Beat Palestinian Student at Checkpoint in Hebron

ICC urged to investigate Saudi led coalition for ‘war crimes’ in Yemen

Humor Dept: Scandal As Newsom Campaign Produces Old Yearbook Photo Showing Larry Elder In Blackface

Brazil, Amazon, World: Fake News and the Social Contract, by Jean Wyllys – Julie Wark

Aug 31, 2021

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♫ Mark Knopfler: Boom Like That, With Lyrics!

Chris Hedges: The Empire Does Not Forgive

Why the loss of Afghanistan ultimately ends the Empire, by Alex Krainer

The ‘Great Reset’ in Microcosm: “Data Driven Defeat” in Afghanistan, by Alastair Crooke

This is what a dying empire looks like, by Aram Mirzaei

The American Descent Into Fascism, by Paul Craig Roberts

Preview to Answering The Big Question, How Do We Fix This Mess? by Sundance

Will You Love Your Servitude? by Joseph Mercola

Taliban’s religious ideology – Deobandi Islam – has roots in colonial India, by Sohel Rana and Sumit Ganguly

Chase Bank Cancels General Mike Flynn’s Credit Cards, by Tyler Durden

The Completion Of The Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Nothing To Celebrate, by Caitlin Johnstone
     Enduring terror forever: from al-Qaeda to ISIS-K, by Pepe Escobar

     The U.S. Knew in Advance of Impending Kabul Attack But Kept Gate Open Where 13 Americans Were Killed [Video]
MoA: How The CIA Used ISIS-K To Keep Its Afghanistan Business
     Did the US Support the Growth of ISIS-K in Afghanistan? by Alexander Rubinstein
     Quick update on the Kabul situation, by The Saker

America’s Longest War Ends: Pentagon Announces Withdrawal of US Troops From Afghanistan, by Evan Craighead

Senators now investigating Biden’s withdrawal were mum on ‘Afghanistan Papers,’ by Ben Armbruster

Afghanistan always defeats the West, by William Dalrymple

The fire this time, by Hatim Kanaaneh

U.S. Intel Finds Grease Gun Instead of Smoking Gun for Alleged China Virus Lab Leak, by Finian Cunningham

Stadio Olimpico: Can Sports Heal the World? by Ramzy Baroud

Putin Opposes Mandatory Jabs, Says People Should Get Vaccinated Without Coercion, by Tyler Durden

The Tamaulipas Project: Blood for Oil, by Zach El Parece

Israeli Soldiers Brutally Beat Palestinian Student at Checkpoint in Hebron

Tony Blair should go to Afghanistan, by Andrew Mitrovica

Eric Walberg on “America’s defeat in Afghanistan: Divine justice?” – Kevin Barrett Podcast

CoViD-K, by williambanzai7 (Images, Video)

What does America think of Kamala Harris? by Matt Stiles and Ryan Murphy

Aug 30, 2021

♫ Zakir Hussain & Rakesh Chaurasia
To Stop War, America Needs a Third Party, by Matt Taibbi
Warmongers Keep Raging About The Phrase ‘Ending The Forever Wars’ And We Should Laugh At Them, by Caitlin Johnston
Media Bury Story That US May Have Fired on Crowd at Airport, by Joe Lauria

Ukraine Shuts Down Independent Media, by Anatoly Karlin
Politicians Have No Right Demanding ‘Vaccine Passports’ When the Vaccines Themselves Are Fraught With Risk, by Robert Bridge
The Approved Pfizer Vaccine Is Not Yet Available, Another deception in the works, by Paul Craig Roberts
What the polio vaccines can teach us about the COVID ones, by Peter Skurkiss
Twitter Permanently Bans Alex Berenson After Viral COVID Tweets, by Tyler Durden
Why Are DC Police Active on January 6 Committing Suicide? by Miles Mathis
End of an American century or start of a new one? by Ejaz Hussain

In the Name of Social Justice, ABA Proposes Violating Federal Law to Discriminate Against White Students, by Paul Kersey
‘Close friends’ Biden and Bennett leave progressive Americans out in the cold, by Philip Weiss

COVID and the Conservative Economic Crack-up, by Eric Posner
Blowback: Taliban target US intel’s shadow army, by Pepe Escobar
Afghanistan: Bringing the military-industrial complex home, by Ilana Mercer

Afghanistan, by Friedrich Engels
Why I Deserted: Dissident Joe Glenton on the Futility of the Afghan War and “War on Terror,” by Lowkey
The Great Game in central Asia is over – and America lost, by Marco Carnelos

A very telling photo of Russian special forces at the Kabul airport
Afghanistan, One Defeat Breeds Another, by Alain Gresh
Panjshir resistance is two guys who want war to continue, dismissing tribal militia threat – Taliban spokesman

Taliban planning ‘inclusive caretaker gov’t’ in Afghanistan, by Osama Bin Javaid
Brazilian President Tells Supporters “Buy A Gun, Damn It” Amid Impending Chaos, by Tyler Durden
Lebanese MP from Geagea’s pro-US party thanks Iran for critical fuel supplies
Harvard University elects a Jewish head chaplain — who doesn’t believe in God
Court to hear parole request from neo-Nazi mass murderer Anders Breivik 10 years after deadly attacks
Another National-Headline Hate Crime That Wasn’t, by Brian McGlinchey

Aug 29, 2021

Palestinian children take part in a protest against the Israeli blockade on Gaza Strip, in front of Erez crossing, in Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip on August 24, 2021. (Photo: Ashraf Amra/APA Images)

♫ Canan Nan Gaidheal – Karen Matheson
American Elites: Exceptionally Obdurate, by Jim Miles
Muhammad Ali – Wake Up And Apologize (1972) (Must watch video)
SitRep China: Afghanistan, 7 Deadly Sins, Space, Common Prosperity
Israel’s war on children in Gaza, by Justina Poskeviciute

The mRNA Vaccine’s Poisonous Potions: Medical Malpractice or “Slow Motion Genocide”? by Peter Koenig
Terror Attacks in Kabul Suspiciously on Cue… Who Gains? by Finian Cunningham
Questions After New Reports That US Forces Gunned Down Civilians After Kabul Blast, by Caitlin Johnstone
What Will the Taliban Do? It’s Up to Us, by Ted Rall

In Afghanistan, the Worst Is Yet to Come, by Pat Buchanan
The Taliban Will Escape Pariah Status by Posing as the Enemy of Isis, by Patrick Cockburn

Obama Defense Secretary Already Calling For Fresh Military Occupation Of Afghanistan, by Steve Watson
Afghanistan and the Propaganda of Infinite War, by Anthony DiMaggio
Economic and humanitarian challenges loom in Afghanistan

Despite All-Out Media Effort, Americans Still Support Afghan Withdrawal (Video)
Lebanon: Dorothy versus Hassan, by Taxi
Matthew Ehret on “Clash of Two Americas” and “How China’s Gorbachev Was Flushed in 1989” – Truth Jihad Podcast
Gay Activist US Army Staff Sgt Fantasizes About Oppressing Right-Wing Americans In Viral Video, by Eric Striker
Taliban victory threatens to be a double-edged sword for Pakistan and China, by James M. Dorsey
Vandana Shiva: Digital Dictators, Colonization of Our Bodies, and the Power of the Regeneration Movement (Video)
Commie Anti-Vaxxers, by Anatoly Karlin
Chicago mother loses parental rights over Vaccination status
Daraa peace plan moves terrorists to Turkish occupied Syria, by Steven Sahiounie
Nicholas Glinsman: Bumbling Biden, Overhyped China, & the Commodities Macro Trade (G&E Podcast)
Don’t Be Fooled: H.R. 4 Is Just Another Power Grab, by Kyle Hupfer
Academic freedom in Palestine: a conversation with Imad Barghouthi

Israel Gave U.S. Two-hour Notice on Iran Attack. CIA ‘Demanded Answers’

Aug 28, 2021

♫ Hauser and Sulic – Benedictus by Karl Jenkins
Here Come the Terrorists – Again, by Philip Giraldi
Who profits from the Kabul suicide bombing? by Pepe Escobar
Propaganda Is The Source Of All Our Problems, by Caitlin Johnstone
SC Edtorial: One Year On… Navalny Poison Pulp Fiction – Surprisingly – Provides a Real Conclusion
Bloodhounds, by George Monbiot
Biden’s Bad Week Just Got Worse: Supreme Court Blocks CDC’s Eviction Ban, by Tyler Durden
Millions of US Workers Can’t Afford Food & Rent as Court Strikes Down Eviction Moratorium, by J Kucik/D Leonard

‘Inexcusably Cruel’: 7.5 Million Americans to Lose Jobless Benefits on Labor Day, by Jake Johnson
Ruling Class Increasingly Calls Upon The Private Sector To Make Lives Of The “Unvaccinated” Difficult, by Mac Slavo
Top 3 ways Taliban’s takeover will revive Islamist movements, by Farah Adeed

The Report on U.S. Officials Giving Taliban a List of American and Allied Afghans Makes Sense, by Sundance
Israeli Study Shows Natural Immunity 13x More Effective Than Vaccines At Stopping Delta, by Tyler Durden
NATO’s Obsolescence: Ukraine, Turkey, Brazil and now Afghanistan, by Joaquin Flores
This Is Harvard University Today, by Paul Craig Roberts
What We’re Up Against: White Liberals Rejoice at Whites Becoming a Minority, by Kevin MacDonald

‘If Israel harms Iran fuel ship to Lebanon, Quds liberation war to begin’: Qandil
Aug 12 Zambian Election Could Be Turning Point in Supercharging World’s Transition To Clean Energy, But.. by J Kuzmarov
Extinction Rebellion Activists Protest in London (Video)
Covid-19: Saudi Arabia banned Yemeni residents from accessing vaccines, says report
Do Jews Contain Microchips? by Fred ReedActivists protest Naftali Bennett’s White House visit, by Michael Arria
Mondoweiss: Pro-Palestine political advocacy groups are building political power in Washington D.C.
Taliban Takeover Alarms the Gulf, by As`ad AbuKhalilPalestinians continue protests over Nizar Banat’s killing, amid growing criticism of PA repression, by Yumna Patel
Heavenly, Hellish Cape Town, by Linh Dinh
Taliban and Northern Alliance in Panjshir strike a peace deal
After privatizing war, Ex-Blackwater boss Erik Prince privatizes death, by Damian Wilson

Aug 27, 2021

♫ Marvin Gaye – Save The Children

The ‘War On Terror’ Scam Continues, by Caitlin Johnstone

Will Afghanistan Turn Out to be US Imperialism’s “Last Gleaming”? by The Saker

Ray McGovern on Exit From Afghanistan: An Intelligence Failure? (Video)

Star Trek Versus Imperialist Doctrine, by Yanis Varoufakis

Living With Brzezinski’s Mess, by Ted Snider
Kabul’s Collapse and DC’s Incurable Arrogance, by James Bovard
US Loses One Afghanistan War: Proposals for New Afghanistan Wars Multiply, by Doug Bandow
Justice for Afghanistan has to mean holding Blair to account for his crimes
Taliban Secures World’s Largest Lithium Deposits After US Withdrawal From Afghanistan, by Tyler Durden

Tucker Carlson Warns “Elitist Authoritarians” Are Intent On Making Us All “Shut Up And Obey,” by Steve Watson (Video)

Even Mainstream Media Is Now Asking Big Questions About The Vaccines, by Tyler Durden (Video)

Dr. Ron Paul Interviews Robt F. Kennedy, Jr. Who Says the CIA Killed his Father and Uncle [Video removed by YouTube]

‘Blood for Blood’: On Jenin and Israel’s Fear of an Armed Palestinian Rebellion, by Ramzy Baroud

Vaccine Mandates & The “Great Reset,” by Philipp Bagus
Stopping the Tyranny of Medical Mandates, by Marilyn M. Singleton, MD
AAPS Webinar on Early Treatment and Vaccine Safety, w/Peter McCullough, MD (Podcast)
Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray Reduces Covid-19 Viral Load By 95% Within 24 Hours: Study, by Tyler Durden

Manufacturing Lament, by Michael Arria
How the Endless War Became the Endless Pandemic, by Dr. Joseph Mercola (Video)

We Are Facing The Worst Water Crisis In U.S. History As Thousands Of Wells In The Southwest Go Dry, by Michael Snyder

Can Kamala Harris’ Anti-China Rhetoric on Asian Trip Boost US Credibility After Afghan Fiasco? by Ekaterina Blinova

Biden needs friendly meeting with Israeli P.M. ‘desperately’ — Israel lobby advises White House, by Philip Weiss
As Bennett meets Biden, IDF ramps up plans for strike on Iran’s nuke program, by Judah Ari Gross   

National Security Archive: When Pres. Kennedy Pressed Israel About Its Secretive Nuclear Program

Dangerous Illusions, by Dimitri K. Simes

Get the Anti-Defamation League Out of Schools, by Stuart H. Hulbert – Californians for Equal Rights
Birth of the Cruel: How Truckee Pioneered Modern Anti-China Hate, by Peter Lee

Lawrence Freeman: Financial Elites Still Control Africa, Sovereignty & Infrastructure Needed (Podcast)

Aug 26, 2021

♫ Fatoumata Diawara – Nterini

No Insight After Afghanistan, by Patrick Lawrence

We Are Witnessing Incompetence On A Colossal Scale Throughout Our Society, by Michael Snyder
Insane U.S. Plan to Spend Billions on Weaponizing Space Makes Defense Contractors Jump for Joy, by Karl Grossman

New Song: Give It Away, Uncle Sam, by Caitlin Johnstone (Video)

The FDA Has Proved Itself To Be A Totally Corrupt And Criminal Organization, by Paul Craig Roberts
The Bizarre Refusal to Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to COVID Debates, by Glenn Greenwald

Denmark Abolishes All Covid Measures, by Paul Craig Roberts

The Bitter Fruits of Interventionism, by Pat Buchanan

New Orleans: High Ranking Lesbian FBI Agent Arrested For Allegedly Beating Wife, by Eric Striker

AJC is panicked by United Church of Christ’s solidarity with Palestinians under settler-colonialism, by Mark Braverman

Dead Line, by George Monbiot

Al Jazeera: The history of the Taliban
Taliban retakes power, but it faces mounting challenges ahead, by Osama Bin Javaid

MSM slams Biden for ‘precipitous’ ‘catastrophic’ Afghan withdrawal, while left provides president’s defense, by Philip Weiss
The Taliban May Pretend to Show Moderation, But the Murderous Reality is Far Different, by Patrick Cockburn
The G7, the UN, and Afghanistan’s Future, by Jeffrey D. Sachs

Lavrov says EU more worried about Russia & China gaining from Western defeat in Afghanistan than future of country
Wandering 40 Years in the Afghan Desert, by Dan Lieberman
The Taliban’s Resurgence Was Years in Making & Aided by Trump, Who Sidelined Afghan Gov’t in Talks (Democracy Now Video)

In Must-Watch Rant, Mehdi Hasan Rips War Hawks for Lecturing World on Afghan Exit, by Jake Johnson (Video)
The coming collapse of the Taliban, by Andrew Latham
MoA: To Instigate Against Taliban CNN Claims Contradiction Where None Is Evident

Afghanistan: Who originally supported Trump’s deal with the Taliban?
Enough is Enough: Antifa Attacks Reporter in Portland, by Matt Taibbi (Video)

In the Name of ‘Public Safety’ Australia Descends Into a Nightmarish Orwellian Police State, by Robert Bridge

Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the meeting of the so-called Crimea Platform in Kiev

Amid renewed airstrikes, Gaza plans more protests, by Tareq S. Hajjaj

Race Is a Fiction: My Debate with Jared Taylor, by E. Michael Jones

Aug 25, 2021

♫ Altan – Mallaí Chroch Shlí
The Evil That Men Do Lives After Them, by Philip Giraldi
A Donkey is Not a Pig, by Ray Zwarich
Israel’s Nukes Make US Aid Illegal, but the lies and coverups continue, by Grant Smith
MintPress News Confronts Senator Cruz on Murderous US Sanctions, by Alexander Rubinstein

Our 20-year Reign of Terror (by Spencer Ackerman), full circle, by Daniel Larison
Sucharit Bhakdi: Covid-19 vaccination is greatest threat humanity ever faced – The Herland Report
Two Top Virologists’ Frightening Warnings About COVID Injections: Ignored by Government and Big Media, by Joel Hirschhorn

“The Time Has Come. Enough Is Enough” – Fauci Dismisses “Freedom” In Call For Vaccine Mandates, by Steve Watson
Durden: Biden Celebrates FDA Approval With Message To Unvaxxed: “The Time For You To Get Your Vaccine Is Here”
Travesty: Governments Know the Vaccines Are Ineffective but Still Force People to Take Them, by Vasko Kohlmayer
Moscow Says NATO Destroyed All Cooperation Formats With Russia, Including on Afghanistan
Whitlock: Bill Maher and the left’s house of Trump cards teeters at the brink of collapse
Palestine’s Africa Dichotomy: Is Israel Really ‘Winning’ Africa? by Ramzy Baroud

Overnight Pelosi Changes House Rules to Pass $3.5 Trillion Spending Package While Everyone Distracted by Afghanistan
West Bank church stands with unjustly incarcerated parishioner Layan Nasir, by Fadi Diab
The Afghanistan Debacle: When Will They Ever Learn? by Brian Cloughley
Exploitative Viral PR Photos Of Military Invaders With Afghan Kids, by Caitlin Johnstone

The Cynical Campaign To Scapegoat Joe Biden for the Afghanistan Debacle, by Ted Galen Carpenter
John Pilger: The Great Game of Smashing Nations
Media propaganda and the Afghan debacle, by Joseph Kishore
The Leak That ‘Exposed the True Afghan War,’ by Elizabeth Vos
Quantifying The “Staggering Costs” Of US Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan, by Adam Andrzejewski

Famous journalist and terrorism expert Peter Bergen is Mistaken About Bin Laden’s Strategy, by Scott Horton
Joint Declaration of the International Crimea Platform participants
Australian Truck Drivers Vow To Block Every Major Highway In Radical Anti-Lockdown Strike, by Tyler Durden
The German Communist Party on Afghanistan
Neo-Nazi Satanic Sect Leader Outed As FBI Informant Since 2003, Was Paid Over $140,000 By U.S. Govt, by Andrew White

Aug 24, 2021

♫ Sarah Vaughan – Misty
Is Afghanistan the First Domino to Fall? by Tim Kirby
‘Forever war’ benefiting Afghans? Follow the money, by Pepe Escobar
Indian Bar Association Charges WHO Chief Scientist with Mass Murder, by Paul Craig Roberts
OMG Afghanistan Is Invading Afghanistan, by Caitlin Johnstone
U.S. Self-Projects Criminal Nuclear Malignancy on China, by Finian Cunningham
Striker: FBI Paid Leader Of Satanic Pedophile Death Cult To Brainwash, Drug and Entrap Its Young Members
Biden Security Advisor Warns Of “Acute” Terror Risk At Kabul Airport As Blinken Says Americans On Their Own Getting There
America’s Merchants of Death Then & Now, by Sam Pizzigati
Intel failure or deliberate ‘bloody nose’ for Biden? Ex-CIA analyst tells RT what went wrong in Afghanistan (Video)
U.S. Afghan regime was corrupt and humiliating, and Taliban controlled half the country in ’09, by James North

Taliban will get International recognition, by Zamir Awan
Afghanistan: Iranians look on with apprehension at crisis next door
Congressman Seeking to Relaunch Afghan War Made Millions in Defense Contracting, by Lee Fang
Bush Era NSA Head Says It Is A “Good Idea” To Send Unvaxx’d Trump Supporters To Afghanistan, by Steve Watson
Putting the Taliban and Mustafa Kemal on par: Mullah Omar and Ataturk would both turn in their graves, by James Dorsey
The Honor Role: Daniel Hale, Drone Whistleblower, Wins 2021 Sam Adams Award
GIEI Report Confirms Human Rights Violations in the 2019 U.S.-Backed Coup in Bolivia, by Ramona Wadi
From the Nixon Shock to Biden-flation, by Ron Paul
Major Midwest U. Hires Former Under-Sec’y of Defense and Under-Sec’y of the Army as President, by Nick Alexandrov
Australian Police Beating More People in the Streets Than the Taliban, by Sundance
The Importance of Art and Literature in the Anti-Fascist Struggle – Bertolt Brecht on the 65th anniversary of his death
Charles Upton on “The Alien Disclosure Deception” – Kevin Barrett Podcast
Nearly half of Ukrainians think life was better in USSR, and even more say they’re anti-LGBT in new poll
U.S. Withdrawal from Afghanistan Deals China a Win in Rare Metals Market
Auschwitz Survivor Supports BDS: ‘I Have Experienced Fascism’

Aug 23, 2021

♫ Seo Linn – Óró Sé do Bheatha Bhaile
Bush-Era War Criminals Are Louder Than Ever, by Caitlin Johnstone
Could It Be a Population Reduction Plot After All? by Paul Craig Roberts
Another Imperial ‘East of Aden’ Moment, by Stephen Karganovic
What Is America Going To Look Like If This Continues? by Michael Snyder   
Wither Germany? by Francis Lee
Where Are the Strong Western Leaders of Yesteryear (Now That We Really Need Them)? by Robert Bridge
Assange Described A Decade Ago How ‘Endless’ Afghan War Was Engineered By “Transnational Security Elite”
Biden’s Afghanistan Policy Counts on War-Weariness of Americans, by Dave DeCamp

Biden Is Right to End the War in Afghanistan, by Peter Certo
Will Americans Who Were Right on Afghanistan Still Be Ignored? by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J. S. Davies
Our 20 Year Reign of Terror, by Daniel Larison
Ukraine shuts down leading independent news site Strana as part of new crackdown
“Beita is undefeatable”: Inside the struggle to save this Palestinian village from Israeli settlers (Video)
Freedom Rider: Standing with the Cuban people, by Margaret Kimberley
‘Stop the Shot… The Rest of the Story’ (Video)
Music and the Mystery of Aliveness, by Maria Popova
Nasrallah: Afghanistan is worst debacle in US history, Biden hopes for civil war
Nasrallah: ‘1st Iran fuel-laden ship to set sail for Lebanon in hours, won’t be the last’

‘With Iran fuel, Lebanon breaks US siege & turns East’: Economist
Thinking globally and acting locally again and again, by Mazin Qumsiyeh
OHCHR: Venezuela: Save lives of cancer patients endangered by U.S. sanctions
QTR: After 4 Years Of Trying To Throw Out Trump, It May Actually Be Biden Who Doesn’t Finish His First Term
American Endgame Part I: What Does “America” Mean in 2021? by Andrew Anglin
Humor Dept: Zuckerbook’s Dog
LA Times Dubs CA Recall Frontrunner Larry Elder “The Black Face Of White Supremacy,” by Tyler Durden